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Barcelona – Famous for Good Reason

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La Sagrada Familia – WOW, just WOW

This church is famous in Barcelona and all over the world. Its fame is extraordinary and for good reason – the church is a work of art and truly one of a kind.

It showcases Antoni Gaudi’s style very well, and learning about its design made us appreciate it more.

We did an audio tour and were so happy choosing a self-guided tour instead of a group-led tour.

It allowed us to learn, observe, reflect, and repeat any sections we wanted. We don’t want to spoil too much of it because it’s just that great. Each of us got lost in the magic.

Hopefully, our pictures and highlight video inspire you to go one day!

👇 Scroll left or right to view our slideshow of photos below! 👇 

Parque Güell – Another Gaudi Masterpiece

Barcelona is Antoni Gaudi’s hometown and his art can be found in many places.

He designed a city park, Parque Güell, as an utopian neighborhood for the city’s elite. It was initially funded by one family, but things did not pan out as planned so it was never lived in. Luckily, most of the park has been preserved and it now is a museum for visitors like us. 

Just like Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s style oozes out of every detail, and you can appreciate why he is so revered.

We happily wandered and looked at this unique park, and we hope our highlight video captures some of its magnificence.

👇 Scroll left or right to view our slideshow of photos below! 👇 

Enjoying Vermouth (not what you think!)

Spain is famous for its vermouth, and it’s nothing like the stuff you may be imagining if you’re picturing a martini. It is a standalone drink, brewed with a variety of herbs and packed with flavor. It is served chilled and with a lemon or orange slice, and it can be found at most bars.

In fact, there are specific vermouth bars called vermuterias that serve local favorites or their own brew. People sit outside to share a vermouth with friends during the day, or late into the evening. We gave it a shot ourselves.

The Coolest Food Market Yet – La Boqueria

The market is nestled in the Gothic Quarter on the busiest street, La Rambla Avenue, and is arguably one the biggest tourist sights in the city. It has been raved about by Anthony Bourdain many times! The market has grown and grown since its inception, and we doubt it will ever stop.

Sometimes, the “most popular” attractions can be a bit of a let down, but not this place! It fully delivered. It has food vendors of all kinds, bulk food stalls, hip bars, casual eateries, and tasty snacks all around.

👇Check out our video below enjoying what the market has to offer👇

☝️From left to right, the pictures above: baby squid with white beans, chickpeas with black sausage, patatas bravas, & octopus Galician style☝️

A Tapas Walking Tour

We signed up for an Airbnb Experience where a local took us to three of his favorite tapas bars.

We learned about the history of tapas and about Barcelona. It was totally awesome! These tapas certainly were some of the best and most unique out of our entire trip.

Our guide was energetic, fun, and helped us get to know Barcelona. We went to a bustling neighborhood, away from the touristy areas, so it made the tour even more enjoyable.

The first place was run by a proud owners who made everything with a grill. Nothing was fried on the menu, which is not common, and many dishes had an upscale twist to them. 

The second joint was run by the sweetest couple, about 70 years old. Their restaurant was like stepping back in time, and they served traditional tapas – classically delicious. We tasted gazpacho – a sort of soup of blended vegetables and olive oil served in a shot glass.

The third and final tapas spot was a wine bar. The tapas here were contemporary and we felt like guests in a new-age cooking show. Everything was unique and fancy, but not as tasty as the other two.

The Gothic Quarter

Barcelona is a popular city because it has incredible architecture, many famous markets, and a supreme food culture. One of the biggest tourist destinations is the Gothic Quarter because of amazing restaurants, bars, and jaw-dropping architecture.

Walking around here is entertaining as you can people-watch, observe the immaculate architecture and notice the different styles, or wander into restaurants, cafes, and bars to see elegant or rustic interior designs.

Ciutadella Park

Barcelona hosted the World’s Fair in 1888, and the event was held at this park. Since the city authorities wanted to impress visitors, the park was embellished with gardens, structures, and sculptures.

Nowadays, it makes for a lovely green space fit for photos and fun. It is a great destination to escape the nearly constant busyness of La Boqueria and the Gothic Quarter, while still being close to them.

Ciutadella Park comes from the word “citadel” in Catalan because in 1714 King Felip V. built a citadel where the park now stands. The Catalonia people at the time despised the central government of Madrid, and were very unhappy with this citadel. It represented the oppression they faced, and the citadel served as a prisoner for the Catalans.

When the citadel was ordered to be demolished and the area reconstructed into the park for the World’s Fair, the locals welcomed the news. In fact, a statue of General Prim still stands in the park, to honor the man who gave the order to demolish the old citadel.

👇Below is a video of highlights from our time in Barcelona👇

That’s all for Barcelona! Next stop in Spain: Girona.

Stay tuned for our next post about our weekend visit to Girona, a truly medieval city! If you want to receive email updates about future posts, enter your email below to follow along our adventures.

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One thought on “Barcelona – Famous for Good Reason

  1. Truly amazing architecture and beauty. Imagine trying to describe that church and doing it justice. I’m sure it’s like attempting to describe the Grand Canyon vs experiencing it with your own eyes. XXOO


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